Where Should I Get My Sneakers Cleaned in Toronto?

Written by Linley McConnel

November 30, 2020

There’s nothing better than crawling into clean and crisp bed sheets. Bed sheets come in a variety of fabrics, colours and patterns. From flannel to linen it’s important to recognize that different fabrics require specific cleaning methods and attention. To ensure cozy and soft sheets, here are our top tips on how to clean your bed sheets. 

Tip: Before you clean your sheets, always check their care label. While most sheets are machine friendly, luxury fabrics like silk and linen should be cleaned by a professional dry cleaner.

Before cleaning, first check your sheets for any stains, holes, or tears. Holes and tears should be mended by a professional seamstress. At Gibson’s, our seamstress has over 20 years of sewing experience and is well versed in repairing household items like draperies and bedding. You can treat spots and stains with an at home stain remover like Tide to Go or Resolve. 

Tip: When washing your bed sheets, make sure your washer isn’t overloaded. Overloading your washer will prevent a comprehensive cleaning process from taking place. 

Next, load your washer with your sheets. Wash your sheets on the hottest setting listed on the care label as hot water kills bacteria and dust mites. Cotton sheets can be washed in hot water while synthetic blends, like polyester, should be washed using warm water. Wash using your preferred home detergent. Read the directions for recommended quantities. We always like to say, less is more. 

Tip: Do not load your sheets with towels. Sheets and towels take different amounts of time to dry. 

Dry your sheets on a warm or hot setting. Use a dryer sheet to prevent static and to make your sheets smell fresh. If ironing, make sure to remove your sheets when damp.  

You spend a lot of your time in bed which means your body oils and beauty products will start to penetrate the fabric fibres quickly, so we recommend washing your bed sheets at least every other week.

At Gibson’s our premium bed sheet cleaning service leaves sheets feeling like a five star hotel. One of our garment care specialists personally inspects every bed sheet that comes through our cleaning facility. Our team hand inspects your sheets for rips, frays, and stains before sending them to our luxury washing process where your bedding will be washed in a special formula, dried, and packaged in recyclable poly plastic. 


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