Where Should I Get My Sneakers Cleaned in Toronto?

Written by Linley McConnel

December 1, 2020

At Gibson’s, our garment care specialists and certified dry cleaners are experts at cleaning and caring for Canada Goose products. Many of our customers ask us – how do we clean Canada Goose parkas and coats? Well we’re happy to share this process with you. Here’s how we clean Canada Goose parkas, jackets, and coats at Gibson’s Cleaners. 


At Gibson’s, we inspect and take photos of every Canada Goose parka that comes through our cleaning facility. Our team of trained Customer Service Representatives will review your coat and make notes on your account if they see stains, discolouration, rips or tearing to ensure your coat is properly treated. Our team is  most familiar with the Expedition Parka, Hybridge, Rowley, and Chilliwack styles, but of course, we’ve cleaned hundreds of their other products. 

Spotting and Stain Removal

Before a coat is cleaned, it is sent to a spotting or stain removal station  where our certified dry cleaner will use special stain removers. Our dry cleaner is familiar with removing mud, dirt, salt, red wine, coffee, and other common stains. Pretreating the stain will ensure the stain is fully removed in the cleaning process. 


We are proud to offer several cleaning methods at Gibson’s which include dry cleaning and wet cleaning options. Our facility has two dry cleaning machines that use eco friendly and non-toxic solutions and we are proud to be a GreenEarth affiliate dry cleaner. Our wet cleaning machine uses special detergents which penetrate the fibres of fabric to ensure a safe and seamless cleaning process. Before the cleaning process, our dry cleaner inspects each and every Canada Goose product to determine how the coat or jacket should be treated. The majority of the Canada Goose products we clean are dry cleaned, though in some cases, a wet cleaning method is the best option. 


Drying a down coat takes time and this is the reason why we have devoted a portion of our cleaning facility to drying down products like winter jackets and Canada Goose coats.  All our coats are hand finished using top of the line pressing equipment. 

Packaging and Storage 

Sustainability is a priority at Gibson’s and that’s why we use biodegradable poly packaging. After your coat is inspected, it will be packaged in a recyclable poly plastic bag which will protect it from the elements during transport. If you’re storing your coat for the season, we recommend removing the plastic and storing your coat in a cool and dry area. 

Time Length

For best results, it will take three days to clean your Canada Goose parka. This turnaround time will ensure your coat is effectively cleaned and allows for additional time in case the coat needs to be re-cleaned or needs an additional stain removal treatment.


Whether you’re cleaning your Canada Goose to get ready for winter or storing it for the season, we’re ready to help. Call or email us to learn more about our Canada Goose Cleaning process.

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