We Clean Down Duvets, Comforters, Sheets, Pillow Cases, and More!

There’s nothing better than crawling into freshly pressed sheets. At Gibson’s, our home care department professionally cleans sheets, blankets, and down duvets of all sizes. We use environmentally friendly and gentle products to clean our household items and use professional equipment for a luxury hotel-like finish. At Gibson’s, we pride ourselves on being certified down experts and will ensure your down duvet is cleaned and fluffed to its original state.  



Down Duvet $81.40 + 

Duvet Cover / Comforter $52.75 +

Blanket $35.90+


Down Duvet $73.85 + 

Duvet Cover / Comforter $49.60 +

Blanket $35.90 +


Down Duvet $68.95 + 

Duvet Cover / Comforter $44.00 +

Blanket $28.70+

Sheets (Flat or Fitted) $18.80 + 

Pillow Case / Sham $8.75 +

When it comes to dry cleaning my items, I trust no one but Gibson's. Impeccable service, quick turnaround and a clean look every single time!

Thomas Matthens

Gibson's Customer


How often should you clean your sheets and duvets?

Duvets should be washed every two to three months. If there is a stain on a duvet it’s best to treat it as soon as possible. Sheets should be cleaned every week. Comforters can be washed two to three times a year. Pillows should be washed every six weeks. 

How do you clean down filled products?

Down filled products are very delicate and use a gentle cleaning process which follow care label instructions. Spot, stain, and quality assurance inspections are done on all items before cleaning. 

How will my bedding be packaged?

The packaging of your bedding will depend on size and fabric. Duvet, comforters, and feather beds will be folded and packaged in reusable cases for ease of storage. 

Do you wash bed pillows?

Yes, we can clean, sterilize, and refill down pillows. Call us at 416 239 2301 or email to learn more.

What our customers are saying…

We love getting our down duvets cleaned at Gibson’s. They always come back fluffy and fresh – and they deliver! 


Kate Ryan

Gibson's Customer

Highly recommend Gibson’s for bedding cleaning. It always comes back so freshly pressed. Thanks Gibson’s – we love you! 



The Butler Family

Gibson's Customer

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