Where Should I Get My Sneakers Cleaned in Toronto?

Written by Linley McConnel

December 2, 2020

Last fall, Gibson’s was the proud recipient of the Canadian best practices award in the textile care industry – in non-industry terms – it means Gibson’s won the award for “best dry cleaner in Canada!” This title was awarded by CINET, an international and professional textile care association that holds an annual  competition for dry cleaners to showcase their organization’s best practices. Dry cleaners across Canada submitted applications and proposals to highlight specific criteria including eco friendly dry-cleaning practices, their investment in top of the line equipment, community engagement,  and customer service experience. Here’s a breakdown of why Gibson’s is the best dry cleaner in Canada.


Eco-friendly Dry Cleaning Practices


At Gibson’s we’re proud to use non toxic and eco-friendly dry cleaning solutions.  As a GreenEarth affiliate, our production team uses the most environmentally friendly dry cleaning solution in the industry. GreenEarth is a silicone or sand based solution that has no odour, is gentle on your clothes, and safe for the environment. We’ve also invested in wet cleaning technology which becoming more popular within in the garment care industry. Wet cleaning machines use special detergents to penetrate the fibres of fabrics and is used in cases where dry cleaning may damage the garment. Sustainability is a priority and that’s why we use recyclable packaging when possible. All of our poly-plastic is biodegradable and we also offer a hanger recycling program to our customers. Overall, our investment in green cleaning practices makes us one of the most eco friendly dry cleaners in Toronto and in Canada. 




Sophisticated Technology  


We know our customers are busy and that’s why we want to make their dry cleaning experience seamless. At Gibson’s, we’ve invested in a sophisticated point of sale system to make communication with our customers more efficient. Our mobile app lets customers review their order, schedule a pick-up, and pre-pay and skip the line. We also send out text messages when orders are ready and email receipts.  Within our plant, we’ve invested in barcode technology where we can track and trace every item in our facility by brand, colour, and garment. In past months, we’ve also started to take photos of luxury garments that pass through our facility to ensure quality control. This technology has enabled us to be one of the most modern dry cleaners in the Greater Toronto Area. 



Top of the Line Equipment


Our operations team has invested in top of the line cleaning equipment and purchases all of our machines from the same manufacturer for quality control. Several years ago, Gibson’s invested in a Metal Projetti assembly system which automatically sorts and packages orders. 



Customer Service


Gibson’s is one of the only dry cleaners in Canada that has two full time customer service managers on staff. This makes our dry cleaning experience the best in Etobicoke as we have a manager present for key hours of the day. All of our customer service representatives move through a comprehensive training process to learn about dry cleaning, wet cleaning, hand finishing, and stain removal. Our certified dry cleaner has almost 30 years of experience and is an expert in removing stains and cleaning the most difficult garments. 



Brand Partnerships 


At Gibson’s we work with leading brands like Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Celine, and more to dry clean their luxury garments. These brands trust us to clean their garments because of our best practices making Gibson’s one of the best dry cleaners for luxury and couture items.



Community Engagement 


We wouldn’t be in business for over 90 years if it weren’t for our loyal community members from the Toronto and Etobicoke areas. We do our best to give back to the community through donations and providing silent auction prizes. Last year, we started working with Dress for Success Toronto to collect gently used professional wear to support individuals from moving out of poverty in to the workforce. 


Our team was honoured to win the Canadian best practices award and we continue to strive to be a leader in the dry cleaning and garment care industry!


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