Where Should I Get My Sneakers Cleaned in Toronto?

Written by Linley McConnel

July 28, 2021

Summer in Canada means spending time in the pool, lake, or ocean, yet sunscreen, sweat, and salt or chlorinated water can wreak havoc on a favourite bikini or towels. No need to fret, we’ve come up with a list of tips to ensure your swimwear and towels look bright and fresh to last for seasons to come.


No one, and I mean no one, wants to have a discoloured or thinning bathing suit. Swimwear can often wear out from pool chemicals, salt water, or wear and tear, so it’s important to clean your suit using the proper methods to prevent disintegration or damage. Gently cleaning your swimwear in a mesh laundry bag not only prevents straps or strings from getting caught and tangled, but also preserves your suit for seasons to come. Looking for the perfect mesh bag? Cheeks Ahoy sells a great one that is made from organic cotton and is only $9.

When washing your swimwear in a mesh bag, also make sure to use a mild, bleach-free detergent. We recommend checking out Soak, a Canadian based solution engineered to clean your most delicate pieces. This no rinse, all-natural product is easy to use and works wonders on swimwear, lingerie, and athleisure items. We highly recommend the “Lacey” scent, but they also sell a scentless version if your nose is sensitive to fragrance. When washing your suit, use cold water on the delicate cycle and lay it flat to air dry.


Over time, towels can accumulate a fowl odour. To prevent this, it’s critical to wash your towels as frequently as possible using the proper cleaning products. When washing your towels, always remember to separate by lights and darks to avoid discolouration and maintain vibrancy. After all, towels are made to absorb, and you don’t want your light-coloured towels to absorb the colourful dyes from your bright coloured clothes.

When washing towels, try not to overload the washing machine to get an even, proper clean. On average, most washing machines can hold about seven to ten towels.

Tip – use a less is more approach when it comes to detergent as too much can cause your towels to stiffen. If necessary, you can use bleach to remove stains or to make your towels a crisper and brighter white. We recommend non-chlorine bleach as it is less harsh. You can also wash your lighter coloured towels in hot water as it helps to brighten whites and gets rid of bacteria. When it comes to darker towels, use warm water to preserve colour.

Looking for someone to help with cleaning out your beach bag? At Gibson’s we offer a luxury towel cleaning service that will ensure your towels are returned, soft, bright, and looking close to new.

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