Where Should I Get My Sneakers Cleaned in Toronto?

Written by Linley McConnel

July 28, 2021

If you’ve never heard of Mooseknuckles, think of it as the rebellious middle child in the family of outerwear brands.  Founded in 2009, Mooseknuckles is a Montreal-based luxury outerwear company. Built on, “the belief of making the leanest, toughest, and most luxurious sportswear in the world,” the family business prioritizes impeccable tailoring, ethically sourced materials, and searching the globe for premium hardware. Aside from the coy name, Mooseknuckles incorporates tongue in cheek elements into their products. Take, for example, their axe-shaped zippers or the embroidered design of a hockey fight between a Canadian and American stitched into the back lining of their coats. If you’re a Mooseknuckle client or loyal fan, you know their designs come at a price. That’s why choosing a reputable and professional dry cleaner should be top of mind. Need to clean your Mooseknuckle parka? Find our top picks below… 

Gibson’s Cleaners Kingsway Location 4241 Dundas Street West 

As one of the only authorized Canada Goose dry cleaners in Toronto, it’s fair to assume Gibson’s Cleaners knows how to clean other luxury down products. Cleaning Mooseknuckles parkas is an art, as their designs incorporate metal or gold hardware, leather trim, and fur. Before cleaning a Mooseknuckles product, we professionally inspect it to determine the best method of cleaning. We also take pictures of all our Mooseknuckles coats when they reach our facility to be transparent as possible. Our main facility is located in the west end of Toronto, in the Kingsway neighbourhood, on Dundas Street West. Call us at 416 239 2301 or email us at customerservice@gibsonscleaners.com if you have more specific questions. 


Gibson’s Cleaners Pick-Up and Delivery Dry Cleaning 

If you live in a neighbourhood like Forrest Hill or Summerhill and driving to the west end of Toronto seems like a headache, there’s no need to fret. Gibson’s free pick up and delivery dry cleaning service caters to the majority of residences across the Greater Toronto Area. Do you live in Oakville? Brampton? Mississauga? Or an area like York Mills or King West? You can schedule a free pick-up at your door. One of Gibson’s customer service representatives will pick up your Mooseknuckles parka or bomber and have it returned within two weeks.  Coat cleaning takes anywhere from three to seven days. 

Dufferin Cleaners – 1470 Centre Street, Thornhill

In addition to Gibson’s, we recommend Dufferin Cleaners as it’s in proximity to Yorkdale mall and for those Mooseknuckles clients who like in North York. This dry cleaner operates a smaller facility in Thornhill and is experienced in cleaning the majority of luxury products. Call ahead to let them know you’re on your way, as their hours may have changed during COVID and they do not have a website.  

Ask Your Local Mooseknuckles Store 

Mooseknuckles has some of the most knowledgable staff and brand ambassadors out there. Whether you’ve purchased online or at the Mooseknuckles Yorkdale location, ask their store managers or customer service team to assist in finding a dry cleaner that meets your needs!

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