Where Should I Get My Sneakers Cleaned in Toronto?

Written by Linley McConnel

August 25, 2021

If you’re a 20 or 30 something woman living in Toronto, it’s likely you’re familiar with Reformation. Since launching in 2009, ‘Ref’ has amassed a cult following of wearers from the everyday girl to celebrities like Taylor Swift. Today, the brand boasts 14 stores in the United States and opened its first-ever Canadian store at Yorkdale Mall in 2019. Known for its ultra-feminine silhouettes and unique floral prints, Reformation dominates the wedding market for outfitting both bridal parties and wedding guests. Its commitment to a carbon-neutral manufacturing process has changed the way many women shop for clothing. With sustainability top of mind at Gibson’s, we’re proud to be a recommended after-care provider for this beloved brand. To celebrate, we’re answering a few frequently asked questions when it comes to cleaning and caring for Reformation pieces.


1. Should I dry clean my garments from Reformation?

When it comes to cleaning Ref items, look no further than the Garment Care section on their website. The page goes into depth about different types of cleaning methods including dry cleaning, hand washing, and drying techniques. Reformation even suggests after-care providers in its main markets like New York, LA, SF, and Toronto. As GreenEarth Dry Cleaners, both Gibson’s Cleaners and Eco Cleaners make Toronto’s list! If your Reformation item is heavily stained or damaged, we highly recommend bringing it to a professional than opting for DIY cleaning at home.

2. If I’m washing Reformation pieces at home, should I use hot or cold water?

Washing garments in cold water not only saves energy but will leave your colours fresh and bright! Choose an eco-friendly detergent like The Honest Company, Kair, or Seventh Generation.

Tip: A lot of Ref’s pieces are designed with silk ties or drawstrings. When washing pieces like these, wash inside a mesh bag to eliminate them from catching or snagging on other clothes in your laundry load. 

3. How should I care for my Reformation shoes?

It’s plain and simple. Caring for your shoes will ensure they last for seasons to come. We recommend spraying your shoes with Walter’s Eco-Friendly Shoe Spray and to store your Reformation shoes in a cool dry place. When shoes become worn out or damaged, seek out a nearby cobbler or investigate using a service like “The Restory.” Most shoes can be easily resoled or repaired and reduce your closet’s carbon footprint.

4. Can I get my Reformation pieces repaired?

In cases where your Reformation pieces may need a repair like zipper replacement, a button replacement, or mending, it’s likely a dry cleaner or seamstress will be able to help. Keep in mind that dry cleaners and seamstress shops have standard products and will not have Reformation’s identical parts (zippers, thread colours, etc.), but will do their best to find a close match.

5. Can I put my Reformation garments in the dryer? 

Reformation recommends skipping the tumble dry process siting that dryers are a huge cause of carbon emissions. Rather, air dry or hang your items on a clothesline. When hanging items on a clothesline, try to avoid putting your garments in direct sunlight to prevent fading or discolouration. 

Have more questions? As a recommended garment care provider for Reformation we’re happy to answer them. Give us a shout at 416 239 2301, email customerservice@gisoncsleaners.com or use the chatbot at the bottom of your screen!


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