Where Should I Get My Sneakers Cleaned in Toronto?

Written by Linley McConnel

January 29, 2021

Founded in 1999, Mackage’s beautiful coats, leather jackets, and parkas, and have since become the most sought after coat brand for fashion forward women across the Greater Toronto Area. At Gibson’s we’re lucky to work closely with the Mackage team and dry clean and wet clean hundreds of their coats every year. How do you clean your Mackage coat? Keep on reading… 

Choose a Professional Dry Cleaner 

Mackage recommends for all of their coats, parkas, and leather jackets to be dry cleaned or wet cleaned by a professional dry cleaner. Dry cleaners are similar to hair dressers – it’s worth it to pay more for quality for something you cherish and wear everyday. Choose an experienced dry cleaner when cleaning your Mackage items and one that uses professional grade equipment. At Gibson’s, we’ve invested in the dry cleaning and wet cleaning equipment to properly clean and care for Mackage parkas. 

Make Sure Your Dry Cleaner Inspects Your Coat

Before cleaning, it’s extremely important for your dry cleaner to inspect your coat. At Gibson’s, we inspect and take photos of every Mackage parka that comes through our doors. Our Customer Service Representatives will review your jacket, parka, or coat and make notes on your account if they see stains, discolouration, rips or tearing to ensure your coat is properly treated. Our team is  most familiar with the following Mackage styles: Lexia, Portia, Kay, and Rena. 

Make Sure They Employ and Experienced Team of Professionals 

Who should you trust to clean your Mackage jacket? A business with a certified dry cleaner. At Gibson’s, we employ a team that carries over 100 years of combined experience. We are one of the only dry cleaners in Ontario that employs two certified dry cleaners. Our Toronto team is a group of diverse professionals like experienced pressers, dry cleaners, and seamstresses. Fashion and fabric trends continue to change – think vegan leather, recycled fur and reflectivity – and we continue to learn and hone our cleaning techniques. 

Make Sure Your Dry Cleaner Uses Best Practices

A dry cleaner employing best practices will give you the best results when it comes to cleaning your Mackage product. At Gibson’s, every Mackage product we clean goes through a meticulous inspection process. Whether you drop off your Mackage coat at one of our stores or it’s picked up through our free pick up and delivery service, your coat will be hand inspected by one of our customer service representatives. Each Mackage product  is catalogued by colour, brand, and print and uploaded to your customer file. We take pictures of all Mackage products for quality control and create special flags to share information, like coffee or red wine stains with our cleaning staff.

Pick a Dry Cleaner That Can Pick Up Your Mackage Parka

We know you’re busy and we prioritize working with our Toronto’ customer’s hectic schedules. Our pick up and delivery service spans the entire Greater Toronto Area and services the majority of residences in Toronto, Oakville, Burlington, Brampton, and Mississauga free of charge. Schedule a pick up via email, by phone, or using our mobile app.

Green Dry Cleaning Methods

We are proud to be a Toronto dry cleaner using eco-friendly cleaning practices. Gibson’s was one of the first dry cleaners in the Greater Toronto Area to use GreenEarth cleaning products and to use wet cleaning technology. We encourage our customers to recycle their hangers or to use a garment bag when possible. We use green cleaning products when cleaning Mackage products. 

Rest assured, Gibson’s is Toronto’s one stop shop for premium dry  cleaning services. Feel confident when selecting Gibson’s to clean your Mackage products. 

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