Where Should I Get My Sneakers Cleaned in Toronto?

Written by Linley McConnel

February 2, 2021

It’s the end of the season and you might be wondering – how do I store my Canada Goose parka or coat? As one of the only authorized Canada Goose dry cleaners in the Greater Toronto Area, our team at Gibson’s is here to help. Here’s how to store your Canada Goose for the season. 

Step 1: Dry Clean Your Canada Goose at a Reputable Dry Cleaner

You should always dry clean your Canada Goose or down jacket before you store in for a season. I repeat, you should always clean your coat. Leaving a coat dirty or stained for months can lead to long-term damage. Similar to letting dirty dishes sit in the sink overnight, the longer you wait to clean your coat, the harder it will be to remove dirt and stains in the future. Choose a reputable dry cleaner who is knowledgeable about cleaning and caring for down products. Gibson’s is proud to be one of Toronto’s only Canada Goose authorized dry cleaners, and we’re happy to assist with answering any questions about your Canada Goose products. If you live in a city like Oakville, Mississauga, Toronto, or Burlington, take advantage of our free pick up and delivery Canada Goose dry cleaning service. 


Inspect Your Canada Goose Before Taking it To the Dry Cleaner

Before cleaning your Canada Goose parka, it’s extremely important to inspect your coat for stains, dirt, rips, or damage. This will give you the needed information to share with your dry cleaner, as it’s always more helpful for cleaning professionals to know where to pay extra attention. At Gibson’s, we inspect and take photos of every Canada Goose parka that comes through our doors. A Gibson’s team members will review your Canada Goose product and make notes when necessary. 

Make Sure Your Coat is Hung, On the Proper Hanger

Once your coat is cleaned and returned to you, it’s critical to store it properly, especially if you live in a city like Toronto where the climate can be unpredictable in the shoulder seasons. First, ensure your coat is stored hanging on a sturdy hanger. At Gibson’s, we take the extra care to use more structured hangers for larger and heavier items, but you may have to swap out your hanger in cases when your dry cleaner has used something flimsy. Next, make sure the fur, if detachable, is also removed and hanging vertically. 

Remove Any Packaging or Transfer to a Breathable Garment Bag

Make sure to remove your coat from any plastic packaging. You can either store your coat without a covering, or use a breathable garment bag. Read this Bustle article to learn more about breathable garment bags. 

Store Your Coat in a Cool Dry Place

Make sure to store your Canada Goose coat in a cool, dry, and dark place. Finally, hang your coat in a space where it will not be compressed or squashed. Have questions about storing your Canada Goose garments? Email us at customerservice@gibsonscleanrs.com.

Want to learn more about how we clean Canada Goose coats? Click here.  

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