Where Should I Get My Sneakers Cleaned in Toronto?

Written by Linley McConnel

December 8, 2020

Rarely is gravy enjoyed aside from key holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. This makes it another favourite holiday treat and a perfect fit for our current blog series which is focused on how to remove the most common holiday stains from your favourite clothes and household items. Gravy is a mixture of natural fats and meat juices often thickened with cream, milk, or cornstarch. In recent years, vegan gravy recipes have become more popular and are often made from vegetable broth and nutritional yeast. Though delicious, gravy spills can cause severe damage to your tablecloth and napkins. Here are our top tips on how to remove gravy stains from your tablecloth. 

How to Remove Gravy Stains from your Tablecloth and Napkins

Because gravy contains fat, it is classified as an oil based stain. Oil based stains can be difficult to fully remove, so you’ll need to act fast. Similar to removing a chocolate stain, grab a dull knife to scrape away any excess residue from your tablecloth. Tip: do not rub the stain, it will irritate the fabric and set the stain deeper into your napkin or tablecloth. Attend to the stain using a spray stain remover like Shout. You can also apply a small amount of enzymatic detergent directly to the stained area with a toothbrush. Let the product sit and do its magic for 10 to 15 minutes. Before washing your household item, check its care label for cleaning instructions. “Dry clean only” tablecloths or items made of lace or delicate fabrics should not be washed at home. After you’ve treated the stain, schedule time to take your item to the dry cleaner or schedule a free dry cleaning pickup here. 

If your tablecloth is washable, wash it using the hottest temperature indicated on the care label with an enzymatic detergent. Check the stained area to see if the gravy stain is gone before you start the drying or ironing process. If the stain hasn’t lifted, try washing your tablecloth again or consider taking it to a dry cleaner. Dry your tablecloth or napkins using a low or warm setting. 

After the holidays we recommend to take your household items like tablecloths and napkins to a dry cleaner for a thorough cleaning, pressing, and packaging. At Gibson’s, we’ve invested in a linen press that will restore your tablecloths to pristine condition. Rest assured, your items will be ready for your next holiday celebration. 

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