Where Should I Get My Sneakers Cleaned in Toronto?

Written by Linley McConnel

January 12, 2021

New year, new you. Have you made it a 2021 resolution to reduce your carbon footprint? Let’s make sure the habit sticks. Thankfully, these Toronto based business make it easy to swap out your regular “to do list” activities with green and eco-friendly alternatives.

Grocery | Unboxed Market | 1263 Dundas St W, Toronto

Though shopping zero waste may sound intimidating, it actually saves you money, time, and reduces waste in the long run. Unboxed Market was Toronto’s first one-stop, zero waste grocery store and cafe. Founded in 2018, this full-service grocery store was designed to eliminate multi-stop shopping and sells over 1000 items including personal care and home cleaning products. All of Unboxed’s products are sold sans packaging, so you’ll need to bring reusable containers or bags. Unboxed also sells their own linen bags and glass containers in case you forget. Unboxed Market is open for in-store shopping throughout lockdown and recently launched a convenient and delicious meal delivery service

Dry Cleaning | Gibson’s Cleaners | 4241 Dundas St W 

Did you know that 60% of a garment’s carbon footprint is accounted for by post-consumer aftercare? At Gibson’s, sustainability has always been top of mind. We were one of the first dry cleaners in North America to switch to GreenEarth cleaning products and invest in environmentally friendly cleaning practices like wet cleaning technology. To reduce packaging, we encourage our customers to use reusable garment bags  when possible and use biodegradable poly when packaging is needed. Gibson’s stores remain open throughout the pandemic and our pick up and delivery service continues to run weekly. 

Fashion | VSP | 1410 Dundas St W

There’s no need to sacrifice style when it comes to making more sustainable fashion choices. Shopping at high-end vintage or consignment stores like VSP is easy and  fun. VSP is Canada’s leader in authenticated luxury resale fashion. With a carefully curated selection of homeware, accessories, and clothing, it’s inevitable you’ll find something you have to have. Find something fabulous during lockdown by shopping their ecommerce site.

Home & Pantry | Maison Apothecare | Online

Green up your pantry and swap out existing cleaning products with environmentally friendly alternatives. Oakville based Maison Apothecare uses all-natural ingredients and harnesses the anti-bacterial powers of essential oils to do the dirty work. Their Lemon Aide product line includes surface sprays, floor cleaners, soaps, and more. To reduce packaging, refills are sold in biodegradable bulk refills. Buy their products online at maisonapothecare.com. 

Pet Food |  Helmutt’s Pet Supply | 865 Queen St W

Did you know a lot of pet products can be harmful for your furry friends? When you shop at Helmutt’s Pet Supply there’s no need to think twice about whether your pet is consuming something unhealthy or dangerous. Helmutt’s offers a wide selection of high quality and organic dog food and caters to most types of pets. Helmutt’s is offering curbside pick-up or a free delivery service Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays throughout COVID. 

Here’s to a green, healthy, and fruitful new year!

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