Where Should I Get My Sneakers Cleaned in Toronto?

Written by Linley McConnel

January 14, 2021

As a Canada Goose authorized dry cleaner, we love learning about this iconic Canadian brand. Here are a few of our recent discoveries that may pique your interest…

Their Coats are Warm…No Like Really, Really Warm

Most people know that Canada Goose’s original products were designed to tolerate extreme temperatures, but did you know the Expedition Parka was designed to meet the needs of scientists at Antarctica’s McMurdo Station? The iconic parka is tested annually at the South Pole by the national Science Foundation and proven to keep its wearer warm in -30 Celsius . Still not convinced? The first Canadian to reach the summit of Everest wore a – say it with us – Canada Goose. 

They’re Dedicated to Helping Their Customers Spot Counterfeits 

Take one look at Reddit and you’ll come across dozens of devastating accounts of those duped into buying a fake Goose. Luckily, Canada Goose is on your side. The brand is committed to putting an end to counterfeiting and has gone as far to provide information to the Royal Canadian Police’s Anti-Fraud Centre on their website. There’s also tons of information on Youtube and on their site about how to quickly spot a fake. One way to ensure you don’t buy a counterfeit jacket – buy it from one of Canada Goose’s authorized retailer partners like Sporting Life or Harry Rosen. 

Their New Expedition Parka is One of the Most Sustainable Coats in the World

Canada Goose recently announced their most sustainable coat to date, “The Standard Expedition Parka.” Made from reclaimed fur and recycled fabrics, it’s tested to withstand -22 weather. The announcement comes in line with Canada Goose’s Sustainable Impact Strategy which comes with committing to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2025 and achieving 100% Responsible Down Standard certification (which works to protect the welfare of animals in the supply chain) by 2021. Learn more about the coat here.

Most of Their Products are Made in Canada

Yes, it’s true, the majority of Canada Goose products are made here in Canada and have been since 1975. All of Canada Goose’s down-filled parkas are produced at manufacturing facilities in Winnipeg, Toronto,or Montreal which employ over 4500 Canadians! As the brand continues to expand to new markets, Canada Goose has made the decision to make certain products, like knitwear in Italy and Romania. Quality and craftsmanship are never sacrificed. 

Canada Goose is the Number One Choice for Film Crews

Though movie sets may sound glamorous, they’re often cold and uncomfortable, especially in cold weather. Canada Goose has helped to alleviate this by designing specific coats for film crews around the world.  The Mystique Parka, for instance, was specifically designed to keep the actress who played Mystique in X-Men 2 warm in between takes. Canada Goose also champions the industry and acts as an official sponsor for Sundance and the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). 

Do you need your Canada Goose coat or parka cleaned? Learn more about our Canada Goose Garment Care Program here. You can also schedule your free pick-up and delivery here.

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