Where Should I Get My Sneakers Cleaned in Toronto?

Written by Linley McConnel

February 18, 2021

Should I dry clean my down duvet? We get this question a lot from our customers. While we recommend you take your down duvet to a fabrice care professional, like Gibson’s, you should know it won’t be dry cleaned, but professionally laundered. Dry cleaners have the professional laundry equipment to ensure your comforter or down duvet will be cleaned and cared for properly. Learn more about our process below…

Why Can’t You Dry Clean a Down Duvet?

Most people assume if they’re taking a duvet to the dry cleaner, then it’s going to be dry cleaned. In reality, it’s almost always laundered. Why is this the case? Simply put, dry cleaning products are not suited for down items or down feathers. Instead, a professional cleaner will launder household items in a commercial laundry washer and dryer to ensure the best possible outcome. 

Can I Wash My Down Duvet At Home? 

The short answer is…it depends. Washing your duvet at home depends on its size and make. We always recommend that King Down Duvets and expensive luxury bedding products are cleaned by a professional. If you decide to wash your duvet at home, give yourself ample time as it can take three to four hours to complete the process. To clean your down duvet at home, follow these steps: 

  • Wash your down duvet in cold water using the fastest speed as possible; use a gentle detergent like Tide 
  • Do not use fabric softener – it will coat the down in an unwanted texture 
  • Dry you duvet on the warm or low setting – this may take a few cycles 
  • Add in tennis balls or dryer balls to speed up your drying time and add fluff to the down 

Why Does My Duvet Smell Bad?

If your duvet is clumping or smells bad after you take it out of the dryer, it’s likely it’s not completely dry. Put your duvet back in your dryer for  more time. You can also toss in a dryer sheet during the last cycle to give it a boost of freshness. Do not iron or steam your duvet, this could cause irreversible damage! 

Overall, our Toronto customers love our down duvet cleaning service because it saves them time and the hassle from washing their down duvet at home. Want to schedule a free pick-up to get your down duvet cleaned? Email us at customerservice@gibsonscleaners.com or call 416 239 2301.  


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