Where Should I Get My Sneakers Cleaned in Toronto?

Written by Linley McConnel

February 17, 2021

With -20 degree weather, snow flurries, and a seemingly never ending pandemic, I’m sure I’m not the only person in Toronto who wants to hide under the covers. We’re spending a lot of time in our beds these days whether it’s sleeping in for a few extra hours or using our bed as our WFH office. It’s never been more important to ensure your bedding, including your duvet, pillow cases, sheets, and blankets are thoroughly cleaned. Here’s our guide to bedding and duvet cleaning. 

Wash Your Bedding Often

When we spend more time in bed, it’s more likely our sheets are getting soiled with dust, sweat, spills, and pet hair. With all this time in bed, we recommend washing your sheets and pillow cases at least once a week and duvet and/or comforter once a month. Should you wash your pillows? The answer is , yes. Consider washing your pillows once to twice a year. Blankets in well-loved spaces (living rooms and bedrooms) should be washed monthly as well. 

Check Your Bedding’s Care Labels

Before washing your bedding or pillows, it’s important to check each item’s care label. A care label will provide the necessary information on how to clean and care for your items and will provide further information on machine settings like water temperatur and cycle time. They’re usually located on the bottom corner of sheets and duvets. In cases where you may have removed the care label, do a quick google search to see if the manufacturer has provided any information. Luxury bedding products made of fabrics like linen or silk or items with embellishments or fringe should always be dry cleaned by a professional.

Should I Wash My Sheets at Home? 

It depends. Do you have a king bed? It’s probably better to send your sheets to a dry cleaner unless your washer drum is quite large. Washing king bed sets at home can take a lot of time and several wash cycles as you don’t want overfill the washer barrel. Overall, washing bedding can be quite time intensive and sometimes it is more convenient to seek the help of a dry cleaner or use a pick up and delivery laundry service. Of course, you can wash your sheets at home as long as you have high quality machines and your favourite detergent at the ready. 

What About My Duvet? 

When it doubt, it’s always best to have your duvet cleaned by a dry cleaner. Duvets can be finicky to clean at home in a traditional washer and can cause down to “ball” in unwanted areas. At Gibson’s we have state of the art equipment that will thoroughly clean and detox your duvets of unwanted dirt and dust. We also treat stained duvets with specific stain agents in cases when they’re stained with red wine, blood, or food. At Gibson’s, we are proud to offer a premium duvet cleaning service for Toronto and Greater Toronto Area households. 


Pillows, Bed Accessories and More

Curious about cleaning your pillows? Eye masks? Or other sleep accessories. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 416 239 2301 or email us at pickup@gibsosncleaners.com


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