Where Should I Get My Sneakers Cleaned in Toronto?

Written by Linley McConnel

October 27, 2021

For over 90 years, Gibson’s has cleaned and preserved wedding gowns for brides across the Greater Toronto Area. We know – taking a wedding dress to the dry cleaner is on the bottom of a bride’s to-do list after her wedding day. That said, a lot of brides ask us, “is it really necessary to clean and box my wedding gown?” The answer is well, it depends. We’ve put together the following wedding gown cleaning guide to outline reasons you may want to consider professional cleaning and boxing services. 

You Want to Save Your Wedding Dress for the Next Generation

Is there a chance someone in your family will want to wear your wedding dress in the future? Leaving your dress unpreserved means it will be exposed to insects, inconsistent temperatures, and unpredictable situations. Dresses in these environments often start to yellow, fade, and end up damaged. Did you know that wedding preservation specialists use the same techniques as museum conservators to preserve artifacts? Gibson’s team of professionals uses acid-free tissue paper to neutralize the boxed environment which will ensure your dress does degrade over time.  All boxed wedding gowns are placed on a bust so they do not lose their shape or intended silhouette. If you think someone in your family will want to wear your dress in the future, we always recommend cleaning and preservation.

You Had an Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor wedding venues are more popular than ever, but these beautiful environments can wreak havoc on a wedding gown’s train. If your dress is covered in dirt or mud, we recommend getting it cleaned at a minimum. Gibson’s wedding gown cleaning process removes soiling, stains, and dirt and will bring any dress back to a bright white. Stains are always easiest to remove when they’re fresh, so try to bring your dress into a cleaning facility within a month of your wedding ceremony. Gibson’s free pick-up and delivery service is a great option for brides who are too busy or going on their honeymoon after their wedding. 


You May Re-Wear Your Wedding Dress in the Future

2021 is a great time to be a bride. No longer are wedding gowns reserved for a bride’s wedding day; more and more women are wearing their wedding dress at a first-anniversary party, vow renewal ceremony, or Halloween! If you think you may re-wear your dress in the future, we highly recommended seeking out a professional wedding gown cleaning service. Having your dress cleaned and properly packaged will ensure it’s ready to be worn again in years to come.

You’re Reselling Your Wedding Dress on a Resale Platform

Today, resale sites like Still White and Preowned Wedding Dress.Com are growing in popularity for the bride who has no interest in keeping her dress and wants to make some extra money. If you’re contemplating reselling your dress on a platform, we always recommend getting it cleaned for its next bride-to-be. Let your dry cleaner know that you’re reselling the dress and they may be able to give you a more competitive price, as it’s likely the future wearer will reclean it once it’s in their hands.


You’re in Love with Your Dress

If you’re the bride who pictured her wedding from infancy, cleaning and boxing your dress is already in your post-wedding plans. Many of Gibson’s brides are passionate about preserving their wedding memories, and cleaning and boxing is a logical post-wedding step! 

Whether you’re looking to protect your dress for the next generation or simply preserve memories for your special day, we love working with brides to ensure their wedding gowns are properly cleaned and boxed. Our team of wedding gown cleaning specialists is ready to help. Learn more about our wedding gown preservation and cleaning service here. Our wedding gown cleaning service extends to Oakville, Mississauga, Brampton, Downtown Toronto, and More.


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