Where Should I Get My Sneakers Cleaned in Toronto?

Written by Linley McConnel

June 28, 2021

We all need to do our part when it comes to creating a more sustainable lifestyle. Through even the smallest changes, we can make a significant difference without too much sacrifice. We’ve rounded up our favourite tips on how you can live more sustainably.

Donate Your Unworn or Unused Items

Let’s face it, it’s so easy to forget about that old sweater sitting in the back of your closet. Why not consider donating your old or unworn clothes and accessories to a worthy cause! On the next rainy day, take some time to clean out your closet. While cleaning, sort your clothes and accessories into three piles: keep, toss, and donate. Hold on to your favourite or sentimental pieces, toss any items you would never consider letting a friend borrow, and donate remaining items that no longer fit or that you no longer wear. By donating your old clothes, someone else will get to love and use your old pieces. Here at Gibson’s, we’ve partnered with international non for profit, Dress for Success Toronto. Dress for Success Toronto’s Suiting Program  provides gently used business attire and styling advice to women re-entering the workforce! Do you have items to donate? Drop them off at any one of our stores.

Use Reusable Items

This summer, challenge yourself to go zero-waste! With a few simple swaps, it can be easier than you think. First, try using reusable alternatives when it comes to household items like paper towels and plastic water bottles. We highly recommend Cheeks Ahoy, a Canadian based company that offers zero-waste household essentials. They even have a product called “unpaper towels!” Purchase their products online or at our Kingsway location.

Shop at Your Local Farmer’s Market

“Clean” up your eating routine and buy from your Local Farmer’s market. Foods at the farmer’s market are generally grown using methods that minimize carbon emissions. In comparison to most food found at the grocery store, it’s also less processed and uses less pesticides! With a quick Google search you can find your nearest farmer’s market. Let us know your favourite GTA market in the comments section below.

Change Up Your Commute

Now that it’s summer, try walking or biking to work rather than taking the car! It is much better for the environment, and you get to enjoy the fresh air as well as some exercise. It may also cut down your travel time by avoiding sitting in traffic. If you work too far, then try carpooling! The fewer cars on the road, the better for the environment.

Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Many cleaning products use chemicals that can be harmful to the environment. Using eco-friendly products helps prevent the negative impact that these harsh chemicals have on the environment. A Gibson’s favourite is Lemon Aide! Rather than using harsh chemicals, this Maison Apothecare line uses the antibacterial properties of pure lemon essential oil. You can find Lemon Aide at our Kingsway location!

At Gibson’s, we are committed to bettering the environment. We use eco-friendly cleaning solutions and sustainable packaging when we can. As proud GreenEarth partners, we clean garments in a silicone based solvent that breaks down to water and sand. If you ever have any questions about our green initiatives, feel free to email us at customerservice@gibsonscleaners.com or call us at 416 239 2301.

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