Employee Uniforms & Commercial Uniform Cleaning

Gibson’s offers a variety of Commercial Dry Cleaning and Laundry services including employee uniform and commercial garment cleaning. Regular pick-up and delivery schedules are set up to ensure your items are picked up, cleaned, and returned when required.

First impressions matter. Our aim is to remove any stress or inconvenience associated with the dry cleaning and laundry process to enable your employees to look and feel their best, so they’re empowered to do their best work.

Types of Garments We Clean

  • Employee Uniforms
  • School Uniforms 
  • Choir/Band Uniforms
  • Church Gowns & Linens
  • Sports Team Uniforms
  • Outerwear for outdoor employees
  • Lab coats 
  • Tablecloths, drapes, and chair covers

Our Customers:

We serve corporate clients from a diverse group of industries:

  • Funeral Homes
  • Luxury Retail Stores
  • Private Tennis and Golf Clubs
  • Property Management Groups
  • Security Firms
  • Educational and Art Institutes
  • Private Clubs

What Sets Us Apart:

Garment Tracking & Itemized Billing

  • State of the art barcoding technology tracks all garments to monitor production and ensure quality every step of the way
  • Transparency over the logistical process including receiving, detailing, shipping; customized billing by individual or department as needed
  • Itemized billing and invoice splitting so distinct departments are billed correctly and efficiently

Superior Service & Technology

  • Complimentary minor repairs by highly trained team members
  • Dedicated Customer Service Representative (CSR) assigned to your account to accommodate your team’s unique needs and delivery schedule
  • Fastest response – 2-hour response guarantee to your requests during business hours

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Environmentally friendly reusable garment bags help to eliminate unwanted packaging
  • Use recycled hangers and biodegradable plastic packaging when necessary
  • Proud user of GreenEarth cleaning technology – a global leader in environmentally safe dry-cleaning
  • Community supporter and sponsor for Camp Oochigeas, local events, and clothing drives


1. What kinds of businesses do you work with?

We work with image conscious businesses across a wide range of industries. The most popular industries include: security & protection, luxury retail, funeral homes, property management, and the education and arts.

2. How much will it cost?

Price per piece is dependent on volume. We’ll work with you to create a program tailored to your company’s needs. 

3. Is there a minimum?

Minimums may apply, but this will depend on the size and scale of your company’s dry cleaning and laundry program.

4. Will there be a contract?

We do not enter into time bound contracts with our corporate partners; however, a contract may be created outlining each party’s responsibilities to ensure expectations are met. 

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