Where Should I Get My Sneakers Cleaned in Toronto?

Written by Linley McConnel

October 20, 2020

Founded in the early 1950s, Canada Goose has outfitted Canadians with outerwear for over 70 years. Walk around downtown Toronto on a cold day and you’re bound to see Canada Goose parkas all over the city’s streets. We love Canada Goose products for their thermal technology, practicality, and design. As a significant investment piece in your wardrobe, your Canada Goose coat should always be cleaned and cared for by a professional. Here are our top tips when it comes to cleaning your Canada Goose jacket:

1. Know Your Warranty

Countless blogs, websites, and YouTube videos explain how to wash Canada Goose products at home. These DIY tutorials are advertised as a less expensive alternative to dry cleaning, yet the results can be unpredictable and more costly in the long term. When you wash a Canada Goose coat at home, you actually void its warranty, meaning Canada Goose will not replace or repair your jacket in the future. Washing your coat at home is also time intensive and and can take several wash cycles and at least 7 hours of drying time. Canada Goose tells its customers to take their coats to a reputable dry cleaner for the best possible results. 

2. Check Your Pockets

Cleaning 101 – always check your pockets before cleaning your garments. Before cleaning your Canada Goose, check your pockets for precious belongings, dirt, or loose change. Forgotten items like lipstick, a pen, or wrapped gum can cause irrevocable damage to your garments or washing machine. At Gibson’s our Customer Service Representatives are trained to check each and every pocket before cleaning and by bringing your coat to a dry cleaner, you’ll know this step will always be taken. 

3. Unzip Your Fur 

We always encourage customers to remove their coat’s hood or unzip its fur before cleaning. Fur is especially difficult to clean properly and can get matted or damaged in a regular wash cycle. In cases where the fur or hood is stained or dirty, a dry cleaner will work with a fur specialist to ensure it is properly cleaned and maintained. If your hood doesn’t unzip,  always take your coat to a professional to ensure it is cleaned in a safe way. 

4. Know Your Coat

The more you know about your coat the better! If you’re taking your Canada Goose jacket or parka to a dry cleaner make sure to share your coat’s age, style, cleaning history, and any other concerns. This will inform your dry cleaner on the proper way to clean your coat and give it the special attention it needs. At Gibson’s we also offer free minor repairs in cases where your coat’s seams or buttons need to be reinforced. 

5. Prepare to Be Wowed

At Gibson’s we are a huge fan of Canada Goose’s beautiful products. Our garment care team has cleaned hundreds of Canada Goose coats over the years. With each coat, we pay close attention to its cleaning needs, clean as per care label instructions, and fluff up your coat using special drying techniques. Rest assured, your coat will look like new when you bring it to Gibson’s!

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