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Is your area rug in need of a deep cleaning? At Gibson’s, all our rugs go through a meticulous inspection and cleaning process. We're happy to pick up your rugs at no extra cost. Get a free quote and schedule a pick up online or call 416 239 2301.

We offer free pick up and delivery for our area rug cleaning service in downtown Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville, and Brampton.


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Additional Area Rug Cleaning Services:

  • Rug repair
  • Deodorization 
  • Resurging
  • Rebinding
  • Redying 
  • Binding & Cutting 


Why Choose Gibson's?

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Gibson's is proud to use green cleaning technology. We use green dry cleaning and laundry products that are safe for your clothes, your nose, and the enviornment. 


We know time is precious. Gibson's pick-up and delivery service is prompt, reliable, and efficient. Have a question? We'll respond within 24 business hours.

Mobile App & Text Notifications

Our Mobile App makes it easy to schedule a pick-up. Check on your order and update your credit card details 


How often should I get my rug cleaned?

We recommend having your carpet cleaned annually. If you have indoor pets, kids, or suffer from allergies, more frequent cleaning is recommended. 

How much does it cost to clean my rug?

Our area rug cleaning prices are dependent on its size and make. Please find our prices below: 

For machine-made rugs...

24 sq. ft. - 99 sq. ft. = $2.28/sq. ft. 

108 sq. ft. < = $ 2.36 / sq. ft.

Silk, Needlepoint, Wool, and Silk Blends will cost an additional 70% of the regular price. 



How long does it take for an area rug to be cleaned?

Area rug cleaning takes two weeks. It may take longer using our free pick up and delivery service.

Do you clean silk rugs?
Yes, our team specializes in treating and cleaning all types of rugs included silk and hand woven. 
What do I need to do to prepare my rug for my pick-up and delivery?
Your rug must be rolled and ready for pick-up. We will not move furniture in your home.


What our customers are saying...

"Gibson's is amazing! Highly recommend them. Reasonable prices, free delivery, excellent customer service. Donna goes above and beyond for the customers and was able to get my rug picked up the next day, rushed cleaning and glued and torn corner at no extra cost. The delivery kid is also super friendly and courteous."
Gillian McKinley
Gibson's Customer

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