Area Rug Cleaning

Free pick-up and delivery for area rug cleaning across the GTA

At Gibson’s, all our rugs go through a meticulous inspection before cleaning. Rugs are pressure washed using a treatment solution, scrubbed, and rinsed then sent to a humidity controlled drying room and professionally wrapped and ready to ship and store.

We're happy to pick up your rugs at no extra cost. Schedule a pick up online or call 416 239 2301. We offer free pick up and delivery for our area rug cleaning service in downtown Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville, and Brampton.

Additional Area Rug Cleaning Services:

  • Rug repair
  • Deodorization 
  • Resurging
  • Rebinding
  • Redying 
  • Binding & Cutting 
"Gibson's is amazing! Highly recommend them. Reasonable prices, free delivery, excellent customer service. Donna goes above and beyond for the customers and was able to get my rug picked up the next day, rushed cleaning and glued and torn corner at no extra cost. The delivery kid is also super friendly and courteous."

Gillian McKinley Gibson's Customer

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Minimum Cost to Clean $50.00
24 sq. ft. - 99 sq. ft.  $ 2.28 / sq. ft.
108 sq. ft. - 169 sq. ft. $ 2.36 / sq. ft.
170 sq. ft. > $ 2.36 / sq. ft. 
Additional Costs
Pick Up & Deliveries to Apartment (Elevator Used)


Silk, Needlepoint, Wool, and Silk Blends  Regular Price +  75%
Minimum pick-up & delivery order must exceed $ 80.00

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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How often should I get my rug cleaned? 

We recommend having your carpet cleaned annually. If you have indoor pets, kids, or suffer from allergies, more frequent cleaning is recommended. 

2. How much will it cost to clean my rug? 

Please find prices on our website above or visit our prices page here

3. Do you clean silk rugs?

Yes, our team is specialized in treating and cleaning all types of rugs included silk and hand woven. 

4. Do I need to have my rug rolled before pick-up?

Our team will roll up your rug at no additional charge, but will not move your furniture.  

5. How will my rug be packaged? 

Your rug will be returned rolled in industrial plastic packaging for ease of storage. 

6. How long does area rug cleaning take?

Area rug cleaning takes two weeks.


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