Alterations & Repairs

Whether you need to hem a pair of pants or repair your favourite dress, you’ve come to the right place.

Gibson’s seamstress has over 15 years of experience and is on-site at our Kingsway location Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 3:30. No appointment needed. Find alterations pricing here.

Service Menu:



Zipper Repairs/Replacements


Sleeve Lengthening and Shortening 

When it comes to dry cleaning my items, I trust no one but Gibson's. Impeccable service, quick turnaround and a clean look every single time!

Thomas Matthens

Gibson's Customer


How long do alterations take?

Alterations services are usually completed within 1 week or sooner if needed. Please allow 2-3 weeks for more complex jobs like wedding gown or dress alterations.  

How much do alterations cost?

Please find the prices for the most common alterations and repairs below. You can find a detailed list of prices here

Minor Repair: $10 

Pant Hemming: $14 + 

Blazer Lengthening or Shortening: $40 + 

Dress Shortening: $20 + 

Pant Zipper: $18 + 

Coat Zipper: $50 + 

Can you repair leather jackets?

Yes, we repair leather jackets!

Do you repair household items like drapes, bedding, or rugs?
Yes! We do it all! Our seamstress has a breadth of experience repairing household items like bedding and draperies. All rug repairs are taken to our other cleaning facility and take two to three weeks to complete. 

What our customers are saying…

Gibson’s Cleaners is by far the best cleaners experience I have ever experienced. I’ll start by sharing examples of why I feel this way. Behind the counter, there are a group of friendly women that know you by name, smile and greet you every time you walk through the door, and keep the place looking spotless. They are well organized and are ready to serve you immediately. I have come across situations where I was in desperate need of buttons on a blazer, alterations or cleaning done quickly, and recently in desperate need of dealing with an issue that unexpectedly came up. The women handled it with dignity and respect, willing to help me when I needed it most. I will continue to trust in the team and Gibson’s Cleaners for all of my dry cleaning and alterations. Definitely a high class cleaners all the way!


Diana Primerano

Gibson's Customer

With a goal of being more sustainable this year, I decided to repair a lot of my wardrobe. Rather than throw out my winter coat, I decided to reline it with help from Gibson’s. When I got it back I was stunned – their team completely revitalized my winter jacket and it looks like new.



Brittany Burek

Gibson's Customer

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