Area Rug Cleaning Quote

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Extend the life of your rug and protect your investment with Gibson's signature cleaning service. A family business for over 90 years, we're properly equipped to care for all types of area rugs including Oriental, Silk, Decorative, Needlepoint, and Persian rugs. At Gibson's , we treat and clean each rug to their individual's needs. 

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Gibson's Signature Six Step Cleaning Process Includes:

  • Inspection: We inspect your rug to identify its cleaning and care needs
  • Dusting: A dusting machine removes dust and allergens before the washing process
  • Treatment: Your rug is treated with a safe and eco friendly dual solution of soap and treatment
  • Washing: Your rug is washed and rinsed in a gentle and safe way 
  • Drying: Your rug enters a controlled drying room is equipped with a dozen industrial fans 
  • Final Inspection & Packaging: One final inspection before your rug is packaged and delivered! 


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