Designed specifically for funeral homes with multiple locations

  • Free pick up and delivery 
  • No contracts
  • Competitive pricing 
  • Automated and individualized billing

“Working with Gibson’s over the last number of years has gone very well for us. Not only does using one dry cleaner simply the accounting process for us but having pick-up and delivery is also a real benefit to our team members and very convenient for their busy lives.”

- James Cardinal, Cardinal Funeral Homes 

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An Easy and Cost-Effective Dry Cleaning Program for Your Employees

Many funeral homes and crematories in the Greater Toronto Area offer an employee dry cleaning program or reimburse their employees for the fees associated with their cleaning and alterations.  Our free pick-up and delivery dry cleaning service ensures employees always have clean and ready to wear uniforms to ensure they feel confident to do their best work. Here's how it works'

VIP Express (3)

  1. Employees receive two personalized Gibson's Blue Laundry Bags for their dry cleaning.

  2. Prior to your first pick-up we'll work with a point person to confirm a disclosed pick-up and drop off location for your team's garments. For most of our funeral homes, this is usually a room close to the flower room. Next, a dedicated Gibson's Customer Service Representative will visit your location to pick up the bags on your scheduled service today. 

  3. Your team's clothes will be picked up and taken to our cleaning facility where they are cleaned, repaired (if needed), pressed, and packaged. 

  4. Your team's garments will be returned ready to wear on the next service day. 

Founded in 1929, Gibson’s Cleaners is the highest quality and most responsive uniform cleaning service in the GTA. We’ve designed a program specifically for the dental industry to support dentists, orthodontists, and oral care providers with safe gown cleaning practices in response to COVID-19 requirements

Step 1

Put your dirty garments in your  personalized VIP Express bag 

Step 2

We'll pick them up from your location and take them to our cleaning facility.


Step 3

Your team's garments will be returned cleaned and ready to wear by your next delivery day