8/8/22 2:50 PM

History of the Little Black Dress

Made famous by Coco Chanel, the little black dress or ‘LBD’ is a classic and timeless fashion item that every woman should have in her wardrobe. We were curious to learn how it came to be, and did a deep dive on its history, and how the colour black’s role in the history of fashion.

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7/27/22 10:46 AM

How to Care for 90s Trend Fabrics

With 90s trends back in style, a variety of iconic fabrics have returned to runways and clothing racks. From casual terry cloth to glossy satin, here are our tips and tricks on how to clean four of our favourite 90s-inspired fabrics. 

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7/19/22 12:57 PM

2022 Summer Fashion Trends

Summer 2022 is in full swing and it’s time to celebrate what’s hot in fashion. Here’s our roundup of the summer’s biggest fashion trends. 

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7/11/22 10:34 AM

How to Tackle The Most Common Summer Stains

Summer is finally here, and that means more time outside, the occasional picnic, outdoor sports, and of course wine. This seasonal territory comes with a few messes. Here are our favourite ways to tackle the most common summer stains. 



Grass Stains on White Sneakers 


White shoes are a summer staple, but can get dirty in a hurry. When it comes to grass stains, we have a great trick. Try using a vinegar solution to spot clean the stained areas. To make the solution, add half cup of white vinegar, one cup of water, and one tablespoon of liquid dish soap in a bowl. Then, grab a clean toothbrush, scrub the affected area and rinse with warm water. Leave your sneakers to air dry in the sun and they’ll be ready to wear in no time.

Sunscreen Stains on Common Clothes

Sunblock is a must this summer, especially since scientists recently found a hole in our ozone layer. Yet sunscreen can wreak havoc on our favourite clothing items. To remove sunscreen stains from common garments, first, turn the clothes inside out and run the stain under cold water. Next, combine liquid dish soap with warm water and blot the stain with the solution, working from the outer edges inwards. Rinse with cold water to clean. Try using an eco-friendly brand of sunscreen this summer - one that’s healthier for the planet and your skin. 


Sweat Stains on Shirts 


With more heat comes more sweat, and of course that means more sweat stains (eek)! While you can’t avoid our body’s natural process, removing sweat stains from your garment isn’t difficult and can extend the life of your clothing in the longterm. To remove sweat stains, we recommend mixing one cup of detergent with two cups of warm water. Soak the shirt in the solution overnight. If the stains are still visible the next day, you can try using a more aggressive stain remover like hydrogen peroxide or seek the assistance of your dry cleaner.

Mud Stains on Common Clothes

Golfing, biking, and hiking are popular summer sports and sometimes this means your clothes will end up with a mud stain or two. To tackle mud stains, first scrape any excess mud from the soiled area. Next, apply liquid laundry detergent with a dry cloth and dab the area or soak the area for 10 to 15 minutes. Then use a clean hard bristled toothbrush and gently scrub until the stain isn’t noticeable. Afterward, machine wash as normal. 



Follow these tips and tricks to tackle stains on the go! For items that need more TLC, visit your nearest Gibson’s or favourite professional cleaner. 


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6/29/22 1:17 PM

Tips for Buying Swimwear Online

It can be a challenge to find the perfect swimsuit, and even harder to find one if you’re shopping online. Yet, the rise of ‘online-only’ cult-favorite brands like 437 and Frankie’s Bikinis prove that buying online swimwear is doable. We’ve put together this guide to help you navigate the online-swimwear shopping experience. Best of luck and happy shopping! 



Check the Return Policy 


It can be nerve-wracking trying on bathing in a change room full of strangers. Buying online allows you to try on swimsuits in the comfort of your own home. While it used to be impossible to return swimwear, many brands are adapting their return policies to give more flexibility to the consumer. When purchasing a suit online, always read the company’s return policy. Most brands, including 437 and Monday swimwear, offer exchanges or store credits rather than a full refund. Be wary of sales in the swimwear space, too. Though it’s great to get a deal, it can be risky to buy swimwear at a discount, as returns or exchanges are not an option for sale products. Return policies can usually be found in the FAQ or About sections on a company website. 


Lean on Customer Support

Online shopping doesn’t mean you have to shop alone. The majority of established brands have customer support channels, including chatbots or live video chats where you can engage with a sales associate about the size and product fit. Most of these platforms offer live agent support who can assist you during your shopping experience.  Use their expertise to help you make a more educated purchasing decision. On some sites, you can even share photos of yourself, so the sales associate can assess your body type and make a style recommendation. 


Read Reviews 

Successful companies have created an eCommerce experience that prioritizes community over transactions. These communities are driven by reviews and message boards from existing customers who share insights about a product’s size, fabric, and fit. Shapewear brand Knix prompts buyers for a review after purchase, and many of its swimsuits have multiple reviews that detail specifics about coverage, support, and suit texture. YouTube and TikTok have also become spaces to post reviews or ‘shop hauls’ where influencers post their experience trying on a variety of suits from one brand. Use these videos as a way to get a sense of the product and to assess if a brand fits your body type or is your style. 


Smart Sizing

Remember when bathing suits were sold in a set? Today, that’s a thing of the past and the majority of swimwear lines sell bottoms and tops separately. After all, everybody is unique. Many swimwear companies offer a sizing chart or fit guide, but more brands are starting to offer ‘smart sizing,’ or an AI tool that uses predictive data to determine the shopper’s correct size. Companies like Style.Me use 3D virtual fitting to help you find the perfect fit. Hopefully, more brands will adopt programs like these in the future, to make the online shopping experience seamless. 


It’s All in the Fabric  


Swimsuits are generally made from  nylon and lycra which gives suit their stretch. While everyone has preferences, the preferred amount of each is an 80-20 split, this is to ensure that your swimsuit gives when needed and retains its shape. Consider the suit’s fabric type when buying online. Crochet suits will have less stretch and likely fit more ‘true to size,’ while a nylon and lycra blend may stretch to give you more coverage. Fabric and garment care details can be found in the ‘description’ section online. 

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6/21/22 11:07 AM

Our Favourite 2SLGBTQ Style Icons

With Pride Month 2022 coming to an end, our team at If Clothes Could Talk wants to celebrate the 2SLGBTQ+ community and its fashion icons. These individuals are often the talk of the red carpet and, in some cases, spark global fashion movements!

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6/13/22 12:46 PM

Our Favourite Canadian Resale & Vintage Stores

Going across country this summer? Don't miss these awesome shops!

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6/3/22 11:55 AM

Top 5 Ways to Avoid Fast Fashion (Affordably)

Avoiding fast fashion can be challenging, especially when you’re on a budget. Our team at If Clothes Could Talk put together our favourite budget-friendly ways to avoid adding more ‘fast fashion items,’ while, of course, still looking fabulous.

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5/24/22 12:55 PM

A Guide to Fast Fashion - What You Need to Know

"Fast fashion' has become one of the most popular buzzwords amongst conscious consumers. This retail category has both severe impacts on our supply chain and the environment, but even amongst the negative press, fast fashion retailers are breaking sales records and barely keeping up with consumer demand. Our team at If Clothes Could Talk put together this guide to better understand fast fashion, its impacts, and key players. Throughout the month, we'll continue to dive deeper into the world of fast fashion and share affordable ways to 'green up' your wardrobe.

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12/14/21 2:28 PM

Toronto Small Businesses Focus on Celebrating the Senior Community

Gibson’s has served the Greater Toronto Area with high-quality dry cleaning and laundry services for over 90 years. Throughout the pandemic, its team continued to provide essential services like pickup and delivery laundry and dry cleaning to retirement homes, long-term care, businesses, and individual households; Gibson’s wanted to make sure its clients could continue to access garment and home care services without disruption. Since 1929,  Gibson’s has been known as “The Thoughtful Cleaner,” and that’s why, we've partnered with a like-minded, small business with an equally big heart - MySenior

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