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3/30/21 12:24 PM

Spring Cleaning: What Should I Do With My Clothes I No Longer Need?

Spring cleaning is here and it's time to declutter our closets. Cleaning out your closet results in a lot of "orphan" garments or clothes that may need a new home. Here's our top tips on where to re-homing your clothes. 

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3/30/21 11:56 AM

Our Favourite Spring Cleaning Hacks

Spring is here and that means it's time to spring clean. Whether you're swapping your winter wardrobe out for spring styles or putting your boots away for the season, we've put together these simple spring cleaning closet tips.

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3/11/21 3:30 PM

The Stories Behind Our Clothes - Amma Kwatemaa

Bill Cunningham once said, "fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life." With this in mind, we're thrilled to introduce a new series - "The Stories Behind Our Clothes." Our clothes tell a unique story, and with over 90 years of experience cleaning clothes, we've heard some pretty special ones. And now, we want to share them with you. The Stories Behind Our Clothes focuses on a Gibson's customer who has shared the story behind the item they are getting cleaned. For our inaugural post, we're excited to share the story of Amma Kwatemaa's and the white dress she wore to her own celebration of life, after beating cancer!

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2/22/21 4:32 PM

Why Is It So Expensive to Clean My Canada Goose?

Bundle up! This year Toronto is getting a taste for a true Canadian winter. With -20 temperatures and daily snowstorms, grabbing your Canada Goose parka seems like  a no-brainer. Yet all this snow can leave your coat looking worse for wear and it's likely it will need a thorough clean or trip to the dry cleaner. It's no secret cleaning a luxury parka, like a Canada Goose, Mackage, or Nobis coat can cost you upwards of $50. Why is cleaning a Canada Goose so expensive? We've broken it down for you below...  

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2/18/21 11:33 AM

Should I Dry Clean My Down Duvet?

Should I dry clean my down duvet? We get this question a lot from our customers. While we recommend you take your down duvet to a fabrice care professional, like Gibson's, you should know it won't be dry cleaned, but professionally laundered. Dry cleaners have the professional laundry equipment to ensure your comforter or down duvet will be cleaned and cared for properly. Learn more about our process below...

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2/17/21 1:28 PM

How Should I Clean My Sheets and Duvets?

With -20 degree weather, snow flurries, and a seemingly never ending pandemic, I'm sure I'm not the only person in Toronto who wants to hide under the covers. We're spending a lot of time in our beds these days whether it's sleeping in for a few extra hours or using our bed as our WFH office. It's never been more important to ensure your bedding, including your duvet, pillow cases, sheets, and blankets are thoroughly cleaned. Here's our guide to bedding and duvet cleaning. 

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2/11/21 10:27 AM

Our Favourite Services in the Kingsway

Lockdown #2 having you looking a little worse for wear? Whether you need a fresh head of highlights, gel manicure, or a wax down there, we've put together a list of our favourite Kingsway service-based businesses so you know where to go once this lockdown has been lifted (hopefully for good).

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2/9/21 12:38 PM

Why Gibson's is the Best Dry Cleaner in Toronto

There are hundreds if not thousands of dry cleaners in Toronto. When googling, "best dry cleaner in Toronto," it can be confusing to know which businesses are the real deal or just hiding behind a good website. Our team at Gibson's Cleaners has always taken pride as being one of the best dry cleaners in the city, however, last year we were also the winners of an industry award that named us the best in Canada! So now, there's no debate! Read below to learn more about why we're the best dry cleaner in Toronto. 

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2/4/21 3:30 PM

Where Should I Clean My Mackage Jacket in Toronto?

Mackage is the the Canadian brand that "it-girls" love. Known for their leathers, furs, and down jackets, Mackage's designs are both functional and fashionable. With so many dry cleaners across the Greater Toronto Area, it can be difficult to know where to take your Mackage coat, parka, or other garments for cleaning. Luckily, we've put together this list of our top dry cleaners across the GTA. 

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2/3/21 12:37 PM

Where Should I Clean My Canada Goose Jacket in Toronto?

Canada Goose products are an investment in our wardrobes. Made from the highest quality materials and by fellow Canadians, its products are meant to withstand severe temperatures for winters to come. When you such a precious garment, you want to ensure it's cleaned and cared for in the proper way - by a professional dry cleaner. Yet it's hard to know which dry cleaner to choose amongst the hundreds in a city like Toronto. Here's our top recommendations when it comes to cleaning your Canada Goose parka in Toronto. 

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