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11/22/21 11:45 AM

Gibson's Teams Up with The Revente

Gibson’s is thrilled to announce it’s teamed up with Canadian luxury resale site The Revente (formerly The Upside). Founded by Lauryn Vaughn in 2015, The Revente is a female-led business that offers the widest selection of authenticated, designer resale products in Canada. Starting November 22, 2021, Gibson’s is offering The Revente consigners 10% off its signature dry cleaning services.

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10/27/21 1:30 PM

Should I Clean and Preserve My Wedding Dress?

For over 90 years, Gibson’s has cleaned and preserved wedding gowns for brides across the Greater Toronto Area. We know - taking a wedding dress to the dry cleaner is on the bottom of a bride’s to-do list after her wedding day. That said, a lot of brides ask us, “is it really necessary to clean and box my wedding gown?” The answer is well, it depends. We’ve put together the following wedding gown cleaning guide to outline reasons you may want to consider professional cleaning and boxing services. 

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10/21/21 4:05 PM

What is Dress for Success Toronto and How Do I Get Involved with the Bay Street Suit Challenge?

The Bay Street Suit Challenge is back! As of October 18th, Dress for Success Toronto’s (DFST) annual fundraising event-challenge is calling on its community to donate select professional wear and/or funds to support its life-changing programming initiatives. Once again, Gibson’s is thrilled to be DFST’s official donation partner, and we’ll be accepting and collecting clothing donations throughout the Challenge at our Kingsway and Bloor West Village stores. COVID-19 left over 355,000 Ontarians out of work in 2020 - it’s time for things to change. If you’re unfamiliar with Dress for Success Toronto or the Bay Street Suit Challenge, now is the time to learn more about how you can support this great organization.

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9/27/21 4:20 PM

How Do I Clean and Care for My Hudson’s Bay Point Blanket?

We’ve been in business for over 90 years, and one of the most common questions we're asked is, “How Should I Clean a Hudson’s Bay Point Blanket?” Read below to find out.

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8/25/21 3:50 PM

How Do I Clean My Clothes from Reformation?

If you’re a 20 or 30 something woman living in Toronto, it's likely you're familiar with Reformation. Since launching in 2009, 'Ref' has amassed a cult following of wearers from the everyday girl to celebrities like Taylor Swift. Today, the brand boasts 14 stores in the United States and opened its first-ever Canadian store at Yorkdale Mall in 2019. Known for its ultra-feminine silhouettes and unique floral prints, Reformation dominates the wedding market for outfitting both bridal parties and wedding guests. Its commitment to a carbon-neutral manufacturing process has changed the way many women shop for clothing. With sustainability top of mind at Gibson’s, we’re proud to be a recommended after-care provider for this beloved brand. To celebrate, we’re answering a few frequently asked questions when it comes to cleaning and caring for Reformation pieces.

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7/28/21 2:40 PM

SOS - Where Should I Clean My Mooseknuckles Jacket in Toronto?

If you've never heard of Mooseknuckles, think of it as the rebellious middle child in the family of outerwear brands.  Founded in 2009, Mooseknuckles is a Montreal-based luxury outerwear company. Built on, "the belief of making the leanest, toughest, and most luxurious sportswear in the world," the family business prioritizes impeccable tailoring, ethically sourced materials, and searching the globe for premium hardware. Aside from the coy name, Mooseknuckles incorporates tongue in cheek elements into their products. Take, for example, their axe-shaped zippers or the embroidered design of a hockey fight between a Canadian and American stitched into the back lining of their coats. If you're a Mooseknuckle client or loyal fan, you know their designs come at a price. That's why choosing a reputable and professional dry cleaner should be top of mind. Need to clean your Mooseknuckle parka? Find our top picks below... 

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6/3/21 10:57 AM

The Stories Behind Our Clothes - Steven G

The Stories Behind Our Clothes focuses on a Gibson's customer who has shared the story behind the item they are getting cleaned. When Steven G. had an important job interview, he got in touch with our team to ensure he looked his best. Read his touching story below. 

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4/6/21 11:17 AM

Spring Cleaning - Save With Gibson's

Who doesn't like to save money? With the change in seasons, Gibson's is offering a thoughtful bundle of spring cleaning specials. Throughout April 2021, Gibson's customers can save more on cleaning their precious items. Read below for more details on how to save on Canada Goose dry cleaning, bedding cleaning, and more. 

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3/30/21 12:24 PM

Spring Cleaning: What Should I Do With My Clothes I No Longer Need?

Spring cleaning is here and it's time to declutter our closets. Cleaning out your closet results in a lot of "orphan" garments or clothes that may need a new home. Here's our top tips on where to re-homing your clothes. 

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3/30/21 11:56 AM

Our Favourite Spring Cleaning Hacks

Spring is here and that means it's time to spring clean. Whether you're swapping your winter wardrobe out for spring styles or putting your boots away for the season, we've put together these simple spring cleaning closet tips.

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