Sunscreen: It’s important to wear sunscreen to protect your skin, but unfortunately, it has the opposite effect on your clothing. Most sunscreens contain oil, which when combined with heat will leave a mark. If possible, apply sunscreen before getting dressed and let it dry completely before putting on your clothing.

Bathing suits: The chlorine in swimming pools will break down the elasticity of most bathing suits. If you’re headed to the ocean, salt water can ‘burn’ your swimwear the same way it does to your boots in winter. Always rinse your bathing suit in fresh water when you’re done swimming.

sweaty dress shirtPerspiration: Especially on white garments, sweat stains can start out clear, but will darken over time. Wash or dry clean clothing as soon as possible to prevent permanent damage.

Liquid Spills: If you’re sipping white wine on the patio this summer, don’t forget that spills with clear liquids will often turn brown once washed. Avoid exposing the garment to heat until it’s treated and always let us know about any stains or spills when you drop off your dry cleaning order.

Condiment Stains: It’s a favourite time of year for ketchup, mustard and BBQ sauce. These stains can be quite tricky to remove, so make sure to carefully wipe off as much excess as possible and blot with a white cloth. Clean these stained garments as soon as possible for best results.

Always make sure to check the manufacturer’s label before treating a garment. When spotting a stain, be sure to use a white towel. If you stain any garments that are dry-clean only (such as silk or other delicate fabrics), be sure to consult with your dry cleaner before trying at-home care.